VUOS founded in 1941, which by its philosophy and activities is a young and highly flexible chemical enterprise, operates in the area of fine chemicals manufacturing, custom synthesis and toxicology testing.

New: A brand new line for the production of intermediates in the GMP system was put into operation...

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Fine chemicals

The main VUOS´s activities take place in area like R&D, up-scaling, and production from grams and kilograms up to metric tons. VUOS operates in the area of pharmaceuticals, microelectronic, and other high performance organic chemistry.

Toxicology testing, analytics, REACH legislation

VUOS a.s. helps to its customers in all stages of the REACH registration/notification. VUOS offer experience in toxicological, eco-toxicological and analytical testing within our own testing facilities, know-how in product properties assessment, and capability in processing registration dossiers.