Quality Control

VUOS offers complete set of analytical methods for all organic and inorganic compounds in all imaginable matrices. The development of analytical methods for all types of industrial enterprises, for monitoring of general and working environment, and their combination with biological monitoring (total mutagenicity, accumulation of toxic substances in worker's tissues, etc.).

Enviromental Analysis

  • Determination of PCB, PCDD+PCDF, PAH and PAA - congener determination using GC-MS, matrices: organic dyes and intermediates, chemical wastes, various constituents of environment, emissions, imissions, etc
  • Determination of organic substances - GC-MS analysis
  • Determination of inorganic parameters
  • Workplace safety and health measurement
  • Analysis and evaluation of wastes according to the Czech Ministry of Environment and European legislation
  • Water analysis (technological waters, wastewaters, surface waters, etc).
  • Soil and sludge analysis

Instrumental analysis:

  • Mass spectrometry
  • Gas chromatography
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Thermogravimetry
  • Multinuclear magnetic resonance
  • Absorption spectrometry
  • Emission spectrometry
  • Instrumentation for sample preparation
  • Measurement of physico-chemical data

Special determinations (according to valid norms)

  • AOX, EOX
  • CODCr, BOD
  • TOC, TON
  • Complete balance of nitrogen ( N-NO3, N-NO2, N-NH4 and organic N)
  • Complete balance of phosphorus (P-PO4, Ptotal.)
  • Biological consumption of oxygen, dissolved oxygen, conductivity
  • Organic anions
  • Other indicators

Analysis of industrial products:

  • Quality control of chemical, pharmaceutical and food products
  • Testing of various kinds of products
  • Objective colorfulness evaluation.
  • Particle size measurement
  • Taylor-made analyses