Custom syntheses

VUOS offers complex services in the field of synthesis of special chemicals:

  • development of process
  • laboratory synthesis
  • production on pilot-plant and commercial scale
  • analytical support and services

The co-operation of VUOS with a potential client is based on observing the following principles:

  • keeping business secret
  • flexibility
  • reliability
  • outsourcing - sharing of risks
  • quality system ISO 9001 - certified by Bureau Veritas.
  • co-operation advantageous for both parties - determination of prices

All pieces of information transferred from client to VUOS are regarded part of business secret. VUOS is ready to confirm by contract any arrangement aiming at protection of information.

The approach of VUOS to a client is based first of all on a rapid and flexible response to their enquiries and needs. This is made possible thanks to:

  • simple and efficient organisational structure
  • continuously modernised, sophisticated laboratory / pilot-plant / commercial-scale production equipment
  • highly qualified and experienced staff

VUOS sticks to principles of project negotiations, i.e. discussing the goals attained and landmarks of project with the client belongs among the Institute's main priorities.

Recently VUOS successfully participated in several very important pharmaceutical projects and thus has become an interesting outsourcing partner for main pharmaceutical firms all over the world, hence the Institute considers the necessity of sharing the risks in early phases of a project to be rather a challenge. Our main aim in near future is production under the conditions of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).